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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Run If This Guy Asks You Out

My friend's ex-boyfriend has something called a "girlfriend closet." How thoughtful, right?

No. It is incredibly creepy:

1. This is not simply space he sets aside, in case his lady wants to leave items at his apartment. This is an actual collection of clothing.

2. The clothes aren't gifts. They are for his girlfriends to wear -- only while they are dating him.

3. They aren't cast-offs from previous flings. He buys clothes to add to the girlfriend closet, if it's something he wants to see his girl wear.

4. All the clothes are in the same general size range (like his girlfriends).

5. If a current girlfriend tells him a particular item is gross and she won't wear it, he doesn't throw it away. He puts it aside for a future paramour.

6. When a relationship sours, he doesn't start over with a fresh wardrobe. He asks his next girlfriend to wear the same clothes the old girlfriend did.

My friend and I are thinking of donating some hideous clothes to the closet, so girls dating the creepo will be repulsed. He's so cheap if we left a bag marked "free" outside his home, he would actually go through it and select some items for the girlfriend closet.

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Blogger Ex-Restaurant Manager said...

So.....does he date anyone with two brain cell to rub together? I'd bet more than one has run screaming from his apartment. Must keep his neighbors amused.

5:52 PM  
Blogger Snark Scribe said...

His problem is that he's terribly charming at first. Once he's reeled you in the freak show rears its ugly head.

11:13 PM  
Blogger Sonja's Mom said...

I think this guy need someone to do a good background check on him.

12:38 PM  

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